This is where your tax money goes (Orange)

The latest money scam is the new license plate idea, couple that with the 6 or 7 counties that pay an MTA tax.
Free college for illegal aliens (good move NY) Lets give them cars also to go with the NYS drivers license. Absolutely moronic. Hey, ever stand behind a person in line with an EBT card sporting expensive brand clothing and sporting a thousand dollar cell phone with matching case?
More sales tax on internet purchases
Why- did I work and pay taxes for 40 years and now pay $1100 a month for health care when illegals or those who don't like their country can get whatever they need for free? Medicaid pays all. Kids braces. Seems like we need to change the rules here so they do not want to come illegally. Watch- some liberal who has too much money and too much time will flag this in minutes. Or , it could just be someone stupid since that problem grows greater each day in this country as the general public is barraged with lies on most news station and biases news papers.
No real problems in NY will be addressed. More MTA taxes, bridge tolls, legal gambling puts more money in the coffers to disappear. An anti-Trump agenda will not fix anything.
You fixed income folks need to move south. Minimum wage hike again to give the appearance of progress toward income inequality. (nope) Just a way to increase tax revenue because obviously business is not going to absorb the additional cost. ( more wealth redistribution) More political show boating on vague issues where there will be no progress.
NYS Taxes - they will make you blue (these are many of the real reasons for leaving the state not the weather
*How about those hand full of counties that pay the MTA surtax so the MTA execs can collect big paychecks.
*Or there is the NY civil service retirees that pay no state income tax on their retirement.
*Or how about the untold number of properties coming off the tax rolls for religious organizations with not one
politician with the intestinal fortitude to start a real bill limiting and reducing those tax exemptions.
*What about those sanctuary cities like Newburgh where the governing body is crying to increase taxes.
What about NY unions. Lets look at the teachers union and the school districts for starters.
1) Good paying job for 180 days as apposed to our ~250 days for all others. ( less time, gas, wear and tear)
2) 15 sick days and 3 personal days
3) Never work a Holiday, weekend or off shift
4) No need to risk life and limb to drive to work in the snow
5) Defined retirement benefit with only a 3% contribution. Tax payer handles the rest.
6) Outstanding medical insc. with less than a 10% emp. contribution and 0 contribution when retired, Also do not
pay state income tax on their civil service retirement . (wow)
7) Reimbursement of medicare payments when 65
8) Free in school courses adding to base pay
9) A very small group of people making up the school board to vote on these generous benefits and pay increases.
No problem- just go to the BANK OF THE TAXPAYER. Don't worry when you are retired and paying a thousand or so a month for a single health insc. policy or a couple grand for a family( High deductible). The school system union employees will be covered while you struggle. Can you imagine the financial burden as the number of retirees grows rapidly as well as the insurance costs.
Contracts that lock in increases for extended periods no matter the financial conditions of the state or nation.
How about this- Those felons in our prisons get free medical, room and board, and a free education and now some computing power in the form of Notebooks.
Facts- NY has the highest cost for an inmate in the country
NY will have the highest paid legislative body when their new increase kicks in
NY has the highest cost per year per student in our public schools with diminishing student results
NY has the second highest welfare payout in the US. ( love watching some use their food cards while
sporting $1000 phone and expensive tattoos.
NY has the second highest medicaid payout in the US.
Talk about income inequality. If you live in NY and and are not a civil servant you can expect to sustain at best... Save up or move away. You will enjoy spending a good portion of your retirement on healthcare and taxes so many others can enjoy those same benefits or better thanks to you the taxpaying hard worker.
Yup- NY is blue, so it is ok to feel blue if you work for a company that is responsible to its stock holders or own your own business.
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