Newburgh has a budget problem ( some facts) (Orange)

Newburgh declares itself a "sanctuary city" by a group of clowns that could not manage a hot dog stand and now they cry about the budget. Lets keep voting in incompetence at a critical time in Newburgh's history when a turn around is within grasp to bring the city back to the thriving area it once was. They cannot afford police and firemen, who risk life and limb, but allow the school system to absolutely rape the public almost unnoticed.
What about NY unions. Lets look at the teachers union and the school district admins. ( secretaries,etc. for starters. A superintendent that has a salary larger than that of the governor of the state along with 6 or seven assistant superintendants.
1) Good paying job for 180 days as apposed to our ~250 days for all others. ( less time, gas, wear and tear)
2) 15 sick days and 3 personal days
3) Never work a Holiday, weekend or off shift
4) No need to risk life and limb to drive to work in the snow
5) Defined retirement benefit with only a 3% contribution while working and then collect 60% or more of the
HIGEST three year average state tax free. Tax payer handles the rest. This is beautiful...
6) Outstanding medical insc. with less than a 10% emp. contribution and 0 contribution when retired.
7) Reimbursement of medicare payments when 65
8) Free in school courses adding to base pay
9) A very small group of people making up the school board to vote on these generous benefits and pay increases.
10) No real accountability for the wrong doing and very little news coverage/
No problem- just go to the BANK OF THE TAXPAYER. Don't worry when you are retired and paying a thousand or so a month for a single health insc. policy or a couple grand for a family( High deductible). The school system union employees will be covered while you struggle. Can you imagine the financial burden as the number of retirees grows rapidly as well as the insurance costs.
Contracts that lock in increases for extended periods no matter the financial conditions of the city,state or nation.
THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE for you tax payers.
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