Local schools on the move (Orange County)

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Once again the school systems threaten a sub par experience for their students unless the public forks up additional taxes to support the most expensive per student cost in the country for less than anywhere near the best education. These school systems that operate without any real oversight continue raping the public of tax money using the " no money for upgrades to facilities" narrative. So many upgrades go to the teachers and CSEA workers salaries, benefits as many school systems pay the tab for their employees (teachers, staff,administration) Cadillac health plans for their retired life without regard to the changing actuarial life expectancy tables. Huge amounts of money at play and the tax payer taking it on the chin until they are fed up and leave the state as the cost of their own personal health care plans skyrocket( yes, pay yours and theirs, sounds fair to me). Yes, the huge growing numbers of school system employees and public workers retiring will be totally unsustainable as time goes on and people live longer. Those unions have given a colonoscopy to the general public but you never hear about it, only that Tommy might loose after school activities. They win again. New contracts are for five years regardless of the health of the economy guard the employees against issue. Strong unions that have gone beyond fair. Huge salaries for superintendents and excessive numbers of assist superintendents. The school systems are becoming a government on to themselves. When will this change? When the taxpayers decide that they have had enough and actually begin to vote in large numbers. Wow even a secretary in the Newburgh system that has ten years of service can get full medical for life funded exclusively by you the taxpayer. Get with the program people and take a look at the actual contracts. They are public knowledge. These school systems are the second largest welfare recipients in the state and you don't hear a thing about it. OPEN your eyes...Enjoy the 2nd tax adder for the Valley Central School Dist. as they pass a budget and then ask for a bond. Why does their superintendent make more than the Governor of this state and after 5 years of service get free med insurance for life. Because the PUBLIC tax BANK is an easy mark.
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