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Bulk Baseball Card Singles, Lot of 4000+ 1980's Stars, Mint w/ Cases - $500 (Olivebridge)

This listing includes approximately 4200 baseball cards, 4 heavy duty wooden cases to house them (and more), and about 45, mostly hundred lot sized, plastic cases. I'm willing to split the listing, and sell any part of it separately, so, if you don't want everything, but you might want a case or 2, or you might have a favorite player on my list, or anything, please message me and let me know what you're interested in, and I'm sure we will be able to work out a fair deal..
Before y'all start, let me, by saying, yes, I know these cards are from the era of mass over production, but I have hundred lots of many of the stars and superstars of that era, and I'm asking pennies on the dollar. They've all been kept immaculate since buying new in 1987 and 1988. All are as mint as the day they rolled out of the Topps, Score, Fleer, Donruss, or Bowman factories. All are well balanced with no bad cuts. I have between 100 to 500 of each of about a dozen players. The players involved are Tom Seaver, Wade Boggs, Randy Myers, Bobby Bonilla, Andres Galarraga, Benito Santiago, Mark Grace, Eric Davis, Alan Trammell, Jack Clark, Greg Swindell, and Gregg Jefferies! You can't really go too far wrong with players like that! Complete list available on request.
I've seen most of these cards sell on eBay for around a dollar or two. I've also seen a lot of them sell for $10-20, after being professionally graded. Every single one of these cards would grade over 9, and most, closer to 10. They've barely been touched by human hands!
The cards are currently housed in beautiful heavy duty wooden cases, and I see no reason to change that, so I've made these awesome cases part of this listing. They're the perfect way to ship, keep, and protect the cards. The larger cases are like large wooden attaché cases. They measure 23x16x4, and hold 2800 cards! Two out of the three larger cases have masonite dividers that divide them up into 28 card sized compartments, large enough to hold 100 cards in a plastic case, which is how I have mine stored, so about 45 plastic cases will also be included. You can see in my pics how this breaks down, and how beautiful a full case looks filled with cards!
These cases are perfect if you display at card shows. You could easily carry close to 10,000 cards in these 4 cases, and once you got to your table, all you'd have to do is set down the cases and open 'em up! The large ones, anyway, are ready to go. The way the cards fit in the small one, you would have to take the cards out to display them, but you can fit almost 9000 in the big ones, and they're good to go at the show! No muss, no fuss, just open 'em up, and your table's ready to go!
The smaller case measures 11x7x5, and holds about 1100 cards. Very light and tight if you need to bring only a smaller amount of cards to shows, or anywhere.
I originally paid around $600 for the 4 cases alone, about $160 each for the 3 large ones and about $130 for the smaller one. At the time, I was doing card shows, and cases like these made it sooo easy! And 45 plastic cases ain't cheap, neither! LOL.
The cases, the cards, the plastic boxes - all are in near mint to mint condition. They've been stored since new, rarely moved, never exposed to light, and the wooden cases have been kept in their original shipping boxes, which will be passed on to the buyer. There might be a few nearly invisible, very light surface scratches on one or two of the wooden cases. If so, they'd mostly rub right out. The cases look new, to me. They're really well made, with solid, sturdy handles.
This is an auction for someone who wants to resell the cards and make a high profit margin, but who can afford to let the money trickle in slowly. Even though professional card traders won't buy these cards in bulk, regular collectors still will, one at a time, for roughly the prices I've mentioned. Once you get them all listed, you'll probably sell a few every day. Like I said, it will take a while to sell 4200 cards, but you should be able to, at least, double your investment, if not 10x it. And if you wanted to have the cards professionally graded, perhaps a lot more than that. At a dollar a card, all you'd have to do to recoup your investment, is sell less than 20% of the cards. After that, the rest would be pure profit, and the cases would be a free bonus!
For you naysayers out there, who are going to write to me and tell me I'm living in a dream world, and nobody will ever buy baseball cards from this era, I say, all you have to do is look at sold auctions on eBay, and you'll see that all of these cards are pretty steady sellers at pretty near the prices I've quoted.
If shipping is necessary, as I mentioned earlier, the cards and cases will be shipped in the original shipping cartons the cases came in, so there may be 4 separate cartons, or, I may put them all in a larger box, but either way, they will still be packed in the original shipping cartons, unless you don't want them, or they don't fit in the larger shipping box. I may have to divide into two shipping cartons, simply for ease of transportation. I don't think the shipping costs will change much, no matter how it's packed, so trust that I will ship the cheapest way that will get the package there quickly and protect the contents.
I'm flexible and open to offers, so feel free to make one, but there's really no need to write me just to tell me that the cards are worthless and no one will ever buy them, however well intentioned. While I appreciate all information, I think I've made it clear that I fully understand the value, or lack thereof, of the cards I hold. Thanks for looking.
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