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I absolutely need to get from Newburgh, NY to directly by the Superior Court in Danbury, Connecticut on March 12th. I'm female and I honestly haven't gotten work and need to get to an interview so that I may try putting my life back together, why so far? For another thing I'm female and I'm going to be moving in with my fiance soon once I find work that is, gotta pay bills and might be expecting but is anyone willing to help outta the kindness of they're heart? Whelp.. I really just have six bucks to my name at the moment, I know that sounds bad but I can work out something to pay the amount you need for gas or barter. Please do be reasonable, last time I had gone to an interview there I had paid 30buck's as last resort but had to barter an antique for 10 of the 30$. If you would be interested in bartering just let me know what it is your looking for. For the 420 friendly crowd I have a glass L and a one hitter that I'd trade you for a ride to there for my interview. Yes, you absolutely will get them clean and only thing is that you would have to get something to clean them after you've used them. Any takers??? Please email me if you have any questions, thank you for reaching and have a great day as well.
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