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Let me be your luxury ride.

Rather than try to get someone from a local service who would be willing to drive into NY, I'll be more than happy to drive to your location to retrieve you and take you to anywhere in NY including the airports in quiet comfort.

Wouldn't you like to be able to call a High-Level car for yourself at any time?

And be guaranteed that they'll show up on time, with a clean, empty car?

That will be happy to play your preferred music, news, or even shut up?

Then look no further. I started driving for _U_per/L_yft etc. this past July in order to help pay for my Twins College expenses.
During this time, I've compiled a 4.94 Star rating in the major firm, 4.9 in another major service, and similar with other services. Unfortunately, I was recently laid off from my Day Job.

The Car: Acura RLX - Large, Comfortable Sedan with plenty of room for luggage, etc. [Black with Black Leather]
Fully Licensed and Insured, just like me.
The Driver: Highly rated with over 40 years driving in and around NYC. I have no problems with assisting elderly customers into and out of the car, nor with luggage or bags. I'm also very good with children of all ages.

I'm willing to drive anywhere you want (Including Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Boston, Albany, Hamptons, etc.)
Will be happy to do either a Flat Fee, or per Mile upon your preference.

Please just send a note via e-mail along with your contact information, and I'll be happy to work something out.

Payment can be with Cash, Paypal, Venmo, Chase Quickpay, or use my Square.

Please note, that I live in NYC, and will be going to the your location in order to fetch you back to NY. I am not local to you.

Also, in the interests of maintaining my privacy, the phone # is a relay through an app, so please be aware that call quality won't be very good. Texting will work just fine, though.

Text me at Five 1 Eight Twoo 8 Towo 2 Zeroo Fore 7
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