BC Audio #7 clone, hand wired and loud 15 watt amp - $700 (fishkill)

BC Audio #7 clone, hand wired and loud 15 watt amp 1 thumbnailBC Audio #7 clone, hand wired and loud 15 watt amp 2 thumbnail
15 watt mini tube amp, octal preamp, all hand wired, sounds great ...$700 firm, $800 trade value ...from the builder;

No other small amp packs more all tube punch than the #7 and #8 from BC Audio. This amp is only 11.5” wide! Plug it into a 4x12 and stand back

The layout, and components are identical to the real #7. The outcome is that the amp sounds identical to the #7 as well. The amp was A/B’d with the real one and the sound is exactly the same. Classic Tone transformers, Mallory 150 caps, Dale CMF metal film resistors etc.

I included some additional features not found on the real #7: upgraded output transformer for 4/8/16 outs, IEC jack on the front and the back (front power jack is for ammo can format, rear jack is for combo or traditional headshell use)

The off/standby/on power switch works the same as the real #7. The layout of knobs, switches, jacks is exactly the same. the wiring is rock solid. The amp runs as quiet as a mouse. I used the optimum polarity for the film caps to minimize noise… usually only high end builders even bother to do this.

The power tubes are Tung Sol 6v6, the rectifier is a NOS JAN Sylvania 5y3, and the preamp tubes are Tung Sol 6SL7’s. Just like the real #7 you can swap the 6v6’s for 5881’s and the 5y3 for a 5AR4 to bump the wattage from 15w to 25w. I will also include a NOS 6SN7 that can be used in the preamp for less gain than a 6SL7.

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