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We raised two runs of Cornish Cross last spring/summer before learning that we're not allowed to have a chicken coupe located so close to our home ... Now we're hoping to sell some of our farm equipment instead of letting it collect dust and become worthless. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these chicken/poultry drinkers/waterers (the green ones have only been used for about one month, while the red ones were used for four months last year). Likewise, there is nothing wrong with either galvanized steel chicken feeder, which were used for less than four months last year). I paid over $250 for these six items and am listing them one year later for $120. The two red drinkers are each 3 gal, while the large green drinker is 3.5 gal. The small green drinker (which we found worked better for the chicks and young chickens) is smaller, only five quarts, but it was perfect for 25 Cornish Cross when they were small. The 48" galvanized steel poultry feeder troughs have an anti-roosting spinning bar on top that serves as a carrying handle, but it also greatly reduces (not eliminates) the amount of crap that gets into the food. I just washed all of these items and we intend to sell all this stuff together as we're trying to create space in our garage and I want to avoid having to relist any of these things again. Please let me know if you're interested or have questions.

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