Tons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s (Montgomery New York)

Tons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 1 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 2 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 3 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 4 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 5 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 6 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 7 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 8 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 9 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 10 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 11 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 12 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 13 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 14 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 15 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 16 thumbnailTons of baseball cards 1970s 1980s 1990s and some 2000s 17 thumbnail
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Cash only no deliveries and no shipping. If you want to ship you'll have to send me a box already ready to go and I'll charge you an additional $ for my time

I have been trying to list these individually but it takes an awful lot of time so I'm just going to write them all down if anybody has any questions and I can look them up as needed

Small box of less than 180 , 1980s common cards some miscellaneous Stars and one 1987 Don Ross George Brett and 19 83 Fleer George Brett

Miscellaneous 1970s cards. Include 1975 Robin Yount 1977 Robin Yount, 1974 Hank Aaron special card, 1977 Willie McCovey and Willie Stargell, 1978 Rod Carew All Star, 197 8 Lou Brock Carlton Fisk Phil negro and Nolan Ryan Willie McCovey,

1982 partial Donruss set
Including George Brett Diamond Kings, Ozzie Smith Diamond Kings, George Brett, George Bell rookie card, Ozzie smith, Rickey henderson, ***Cal Ripken Jr rookie card *** Philly's Finest Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt , Terry Francona rookie card, Carl yastrzemski
532 cards of a 654 set including some errors

1985 Topps partial set., including Nolan Ryan record breaker, Brett saberhagen rookie card, Cal Ripken Jr, George brett, Ricky henderson, Robin Yount, Wade boggs,*** Mark McGwire United States baseball team*** Ryan Sandberg, oral Hershiser rookie card, Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose manager, Darryl strawberry, Pete rose, Ozzie Smith, rookie card Dwight Gooden, Eric Davis rookie card, Tony gwynn, Don mattingly, Eddie Murray all star, Eddie murray, Rickey Henderson all star, Cal Ripken Jr all star, George Brett all star, Tony Gwynn all star, Mike schmidt, All Star All Star Ryan sandberg, Ozzie Smith all star,
Missing 21 cards

1983 Topps partial set including Rickey Henderson record breaker, Willie McGee rookie card, Cal Ripken jr, Reggie Smith Mike schmidt, Mike Schmidt super veteran, Robin Yount and Peter volkovich, Nolan ryan, Mike Smith all star, Rickey Henderson and Rick Langford, Ozzie smith, Tom seaver, Frank Viola rookie card, George Brett, Rickey Henderson and Tim raines, Pete Rose
521 cards of 791 set

1994 to probably around 2000 gold signature silver signature silver and gold medallions Rising Stars special pinochle cards gold cards and other special cards 1 of 125 and so forth
Frank thomas, Roger clemens, Brian sandberg, Mike Piazza, Matt Williams, Mike piazza, chipper jones, ichiro, Rickey henderson, Mark mcguire, Greg maddux, Ivan rodriguez, Randy johnson, Albert belle, Bo jackson, Barry bonds, Mike piazza, Ozzie smith, Ken Griffey jr, Sammy sosa, Bo jackson, Ken Griffey jr, Ivan rodriguez, Frank thomas, Dave justice, Greg maddox, Ken Griffey jr, Cal Rifkin jr, Albert belle,
Plus some minor Stars and other major Stars but mostly Commons
6 Gold victory 2022
3 ..1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice silver signature
5 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 1994 cold signature
7 Upper Deck MVP silver signature 1999
3 Upper Deck 10th anniversary team of 4,000
2 Upper Deck Collector's Choice gold signature 1996
23 Upper Deck Collector's Choice silver signature 1996
14 Pinnacle Museum collection 1995
3 silver medallion clear Ultra 1996
5 gold medallion Fleer Ultra 1996
76 clear Ultra gold medallion 1994
156 Topps Stadium Club gold 1994
114 Collector's Choice Upper Deck silver signature 1994
100 Upper Deck electric diamond 1994
93 Topps gold 1994
2 Upper Deck Collector's Choice silver signature 1995

1982 Fleer partial set missing 10 cards selling for $30 includes stars as Dave Stewart rookie card Steve Sax rookie card Dave Righetti rookie card Rickey henderson, Robin yount, Eddie murray, rookie card Terry francona, Mike schmidt, Pete rose, Kirk gibson, Carl Yastrzemski , George Brett, Ozzie smith, Lee Smith error card, George Bell rookie card, Mike schmidt,

1993 Topps gold partial set
Minor Stars fine condition such as Ron Sandberg Fred mcgriff, Kirby Puckett, Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, Frank Thomas Sammy sosa, Jeff bagwell, John orlud, Joe Carter, Wally Joyner, Ray Lankford, cops All star Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens, rookie card JT snow, Willie mcgee, Phil murphy, Dean palmer, Lynn Dykstra, Brian Jordan, Harold reynolds, Jim abbott, Jack clark,
Set consists of 825 cards.. I have 393
Selling for $25

Fleer extra sets mostly partial
Mostly stars or semi Stars
Big money cards of that year Mike Schmidt Kirby Puckett of the 1987 Fleer All-Star team
1987 star stickers Cal Ripken Jr
1990 League standouts Don Mattingly
1992 team leaders Tony Gwynn, Kirby Puckett,
1992 All Stars Barry Bonds Ken Griffey Jr
1986 fleer star stickers 2
1986 fleer Star team one of 12
1986 fleer limited edition 1 of40
1986 Hall of Famer one of six
1986 baseball's best Fleer four of 44
1986 Fleer League leaders four of 44
1987 Fleer All-Star team 6 of 12
Complete set 1987 League leaders clear 44 cards
Fleer1987 limited edition 7 of 44 cards
Complete set 1987 Fleer record setters 44 cards
1987 Fleer star stickers full set of 132 cards
1987 Fleer baseball's best 4 of 44
1988 Fleer League leaders three of 44
1988 Fleer headliners five of six
1988 baseball's best Fleer 4 of 44
1998 Fleer exciting Stars total set must be looked up because I can't see it on the back of the card but I assume that this is 3 of 44
1988 Fleer star stickers 16 of?
1989 Fleer All-Star team Six of 12
1990 Fleer World Series for 1998 12 of 12 full set
1990 League standouts six cards of six
1990 Fleer All Star team seven cards of?
1992 Fleer team leaders 10 of 20
1992 Fleer All Stars 16 of 24
1994 Fleer Lumber Company 8 of 10 cards
2003 pennant aggression have 3 of 20 these are limited edition cards. It includes Mike Schmidt Johnny Bench

2006 sp legendary cuts set of 100.. asking $15 missing number 89 but have extra part of that 100% number 160 number 195 and number 142 also missing 57 and 58 number 50 number 42 number 10.

2007 SP legendary cut set of 100 missing number 92 missing 85, 91, 78, 77, 71, 64, 63, 43, 29, 21, 22, 16, 4, 5. Asking $10
Major Stars include Cameron Jr Joe dimaggio, Lou Gehrig babe ruth, Don mattingly, Nolan Ryan,

2008 SP legendary Cuts baseball cards set of 100. Asking ...$24
Major Stars include Ken Griffey jr, Derek jeter, Albert pujols, Greg maddux, Roger clemens, chipper jones,

2008 upper deck a piece of History set
Full set of 200.. the last 50 of which are historical moments such as the Panama Canal building of the Eiffel Tower the Hindenburg Etc. Stars included are Ken Griffey Jr chipper jones, Ivan rodriguez, Gary sheffield, Derek Jeter, Greg Maddox, Albert pujols, Frank Thomas, asking $30

Fleer Ultra
1992 Fleer Ultra Award winners set 5 of 25 includes Jeff Bagwell
1992 Fleer Ultra all rookie team set five of 10 set
1992 Fleer Ultra All Stars five of 20
1994 clear Ultra All-Star team three of 20
1994 Fleer Ultra Award winners 6 of 25
1995 Fleer Ultra all rookies four of 10
1994 Fleer Ultra Power Plus Albert Belle one of six set
1995 home run Kings 5 of 10
1995 Fleer Ultra Award winners nine of 25
1995 Fleer Ultra All Stars seven of 20
1996 Fleer Ultra Power Plus Raphael palmeirro just that one of 12
1996 Fleer Ultra RBI King 2 of 10 including Sammy Sosa
1997 Fleer Ultra leather shop two of 12
1997 clear Ultra Double Trouble one of 20 Albert Belle and Kenny Lofton
1996 Ultra clear fresh foundations three of 10
1997 golden prospects three of 10
1998 Ultra Fleer notables two of 20 1998 top 30 Fleer Ultra three of 30
1998 the book on clear Ultra five of 20
1998 diamond mine three of 15
2000 Fleer Ultra World premiere seven of 10
2001 Fleer Ultra tomorrow's Legends 11 or 15
2001 Fleer Ultra decade of dominance 10 or 15 includes Sammy Sosa and Tony Gwynn and Roger Clemens
2001 Ultra Fleer the greatest hits of 10 of 10 Mark McGwire Derek jeter, Ken Griffey jr, Alex rodriguez, Cal Ripken jr, Tony Gwynn
1995 Fleer Ultra second year standouts 10 of 15
1995 League leaders nine of 10 includes Greg Maddox and Tony Gwynn and Randy Johnson
1996 Fleer Ultra strikeout Kings five of six includes Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux

1985 Donruss partial set including Stars Tony Gwynn Ryan Sandberg, Wade Boggs, Mark Langston rookie card
Almost 500 of 659 set

1982 Topps partial set
Major Stars included are Pete Rose highlights Tom Seaver, Mike Schmidt in action, Oakland A's batting and pictures Rickey Henderson and Steve McCarthy, home run leaders starring Mike schmidt, rookie card chili Davis with two others, George brett, George Brett in action, rookie card George bell, Mike Smith all star, Eddie murray, Robin yount, George Brett All Star, Carl yastrzemski, and his All-Star card, Steve Sax rookie card Pete Rose in action, Gary Carter All Star California Angels Rod Carew and Ken Force, 1981 runs batted in ldrs Mike Schmidt and Eddie Murray, Johnny bench, Rod Carew all star, Mike schmidt, Pete rose, Philadelphia Phillies Steve Carlton and Pete rose, Eddie murray, Eddie Murray again Carlton 6 all star, Pete Rose All Star Carlton Fisk All Star Rod Carew George Brett All Star in action Rod Carew this particular box is not in row like number wise it's miscellaneous so anything else Beyond these cards are going to be minor stars and common cards

Upper Deck

1990 Reggie Jackson baseball Heroes 7 of 9 I have 1 through 7
1990 Nolan Ryan baseball Heroes have 6 of 18
1990 Hank Aaron baseball Heroes 5 of 27
1991 Ken Williams have only 1 the number 31 out of a 35 set
1992 Willie Mays 1 of 54
1992 Scouting Report five of?
1993 future Heroes Kirby Puckett
1993 Upper Deck loose collection 2
1994 Mickey Mantle's have 4
1996 predictors I have 2
1996 Diamond destinies.. have 7
1997 Game Face have 3
1996 Rock Solid 5 of 20 have Andy pettitt
1999 view to the thrill 4 of?
2000 tool of the talents 10 of?
2000 Hot Prospects 11 of?
2000 People's Choice four of?
1999 stattitude 8 of?
2000 Big League 8 of?
2000 ecard 6 of?
2000 home run explosion 4 of?
2000 Superstar Summit 2 of?
2000 promotion 1 of?
2002 500 home run class 9 of? Including Mark mcgwire, and Mickey Mantle
1996 memorable shots including Mark McGwire 5 of?
1998 epic Milestones including Roger clemens, Mark McGwire and Hank Aaron have 4 of?
2001 Century 20th showcase including Mike Schmidt and Nolan Ryan I have 5 of?
2001 Hall of Fame Gallery including Joe DiMaggio Nolan Ryan and George Brett I have 7 of?
2001 the Endless Summer including Mike Schmidt I have 6 of?
2000 defining moments I have 8 of? Including Ken Griffey Jr Babe Ruth, Nolan ryan, and Mark McGwire
2000 eternal glory I have 4 of? Including Ken Griffey Jr Nolan Ryan's and Willie Mays
2000 Millennium team 9 of? Including Ruth and Nolan Ryan's
2000 reflection in time I have 5 of? Including Ken Griffey Jr with Willie Mays and Roger Clemens with Nolan Ryan
2001 Reflection In Time including Mike Schmidt and Nolan Ryan I have 4 of?
2001 Legends I have 4 of ? including Hank Aaron and Ty Cobb
2000 Monument Park I have 2 of?
2000 the new Dynasty I have 8 of? Including Don Mattingly
1996 Cal Ripken Jr collection I have five of? I think there's only 6

1984 1983 1985 and 1986 All Star Collector's Editions have miscellaneous amounts of those typically are less than 60 in a set
1993 Topps Black Gold have 37 of? Including Mark McGwire Barry Bonds
Tops American Pie Sluggers including George Brett Ryan Sandberg and Willie Mays I only have 3 of I don't know how many are in this set

1983 partial Topps set

1986 Donruss parcel set including Stars George brett, Pete rose, Ryan sandberg, Eddie murray, Roger Clemens Wade Boggs, Hank Aaron Hall of fame, have approximately 400 of 600 asking $10

1980s and 1990s semi-star rookie cards multiple

1980s and '90s high-end rookie cards including Tony Gwen Wade Boggs Etc

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