$10 / 10ft2 - Bate & Switch, Misleading Info, Rental Scams! (Woodstock)

0BR / sharedBa 10ft2
rent period: daily
Scams rentals:
Hudson Valley, especially in Woodstock and surrounding area

Latest: 6/4
Owners posting a catchy rent price but is not the real monthly rental price. (sample: 1 BR Woodstock, 500 sq ft $1300)
Bate and Switch:
First month only at the lower price....but afterwards....sample: $1550.

Most - not all - of what is posted in the 10 - 25 mile range of Woodstock look like/could be scams:
Glossy images (lifted from zines); places that do not exist and/or offering amenities that are bogus; images that do not have anything to do with the rental, etc.

Be Aware:
> Multiple listings of the same glossy photos that maybe a "catch" to the actual rental.
> Talk directly to the owner or legal properties manager. Make an appointment - and keep it.
> Out-of-state or absentee land/owner? Think before committing.
> Never give out any personal and/or financial info over the phone.
> Agents fee - along with your first month and security - ask about the "finders" fee or agents fee.

> If the price is too good to be true (example: 3 BR Apt., $1300.00 center of Woodstock!) it most likely is.
(See recent scam sample above)

> Ask or find out about the turnover of the unit you are interested in - it says a lot about the landlord, the neighbors, and the property in general.

> All rental unit(s) must have a fire extinguisher, fire alarms, Co2 alarm if needed for oil heat, and at least one, viable escape route.
> Take notes when you see the unit - get everything in writing and, best, have a friend with you when you see the unit.

> No image? Must be a reason why - think twice - or ask for images. If no reply - there's your answer!
> Ask about the condition of the rental (Insulated? Adequate heat?)

> Lastly:
Never assume you have a rental until you sign the lease - no matter how good the interview went.
After you submit all the info that the owner requires, the owner is under no obligation to accept your application.
Sign the lease agreement - only then do you have an rental.

There are many legit rentals and good ones at that - BUT - many more that are not.

And if you do happen upon a unit that is on the "UP" - talk about the rent. Be honest, kind, trustworthy - you may just get a better lease out of it.....it has happen.
A friend in Woodstock

PS: This posting is not about renting and/or rooms and/or housing of any type and/or conditions of renting. It is about scam rentals.

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