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Sep 16 Energy Improvements For Businesses map

Sep 16 just looking for someone to chat with (ulster county,ny)

Sep 14 ISIS (Goshen) pic map

Sep 13 Handsone 18 Week Old Silver Tabby Ready (Rockland) pic

Sep 9 Obama's Crimes Against....FASHION??? (Goshen) pic map

Sep 2 any mom's out there (ulster county,ny) pic

Sep 2 Reach for the Skies, America! (Orange County) pic

Aug 26 Rick Perry's Smilin' Mug (Goshen) pic

Aug 13 Robin Williams With Tears (Goshen) pic

Aug 10 Whistleblower seeking Lawyer/fundraising/Advocates (new paltz) map

Aug 7 Comments on the Train Wreck (Orange County) pic

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Sep 16 Join The Movement...

Sep 16 Black Race War on Whites as Black Memphis Mob Beats White Workers (Manhattan) pic map

Sep 16 Grace Meng is no friend of Asians or Israel (she looks after HERSELF) map

Sep 16 ****Congressional Speech*****

Sep 16 Plays A "Rigged" Game (Manhattan) pic

Sep 16 Join Us- Robin Hood Tax Rally 9/21 (New York) map

Sep 16 Solutions For proverty, hunger, homelessness and more (10010) (World)


Sep 15 LUCY, Friendly, Affectionate, Loves all people! (501c3 RESCUE, NEW PALTZ) pic map

Sep 15 Giant Practices pic

Sep 15 Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details (of Alleged Document Review)

Sep 15 I am sick of politicians!

Sep 15 Re: 9/11 Poll map

Sep 15 Hillary Clinton To Wed Richie Steigleman pic

Sep 15 9/11 poll (reality ) map

Sep 15 The Unmitigated Audacity Of This Wretch... (Manhattan) pic map

Sep 15 Peace, equality, ect signs. What are you trying to accomplish? (Nationwide.)

Sep 15 Re: 9/11/2001 Poll pic

Sep 15 Peace and Equality pic

Sep 15 Job -- Work -- Employment -- Occupation -- Profession pic

Sep 15 Peace - Stop all Wars. (Battery Park) pic

Sep 15 I do appreciate the invitations but I can not accept any of them. (Nationwide.) pic

Sep 15 Equality for Everyone in the United States of America. pic

Sep 15 Congressional Speech

Sep 14 Idina Menzel plus 86 more performers who have FLASHED their own fans. (Nationwide.) pic

Sep 14 Jesus Was A Socialist? WHAT??? pic

Sep 14 The Negro Pathology Revealed... pic

Sep 14 9/11/2001 Poll pic

Sep 14 Ukrainian Independence! (brighton beach) pic

Sep 14 Equality For Everyone Everywhere. pic

Sep 14 Obama Won't Bomb ISIS Oil (People are More Expendible Commodities) pic map

Sep 14 What's Hate Got To Do With It ??? (manhattan) pic

Sep 14 ISIS (Upper West Side) pic map

Sep 14 Violence is not a solution to make right was is wrong. (Battery Park) pic

Sep 14 America needs a Dr. (cr)

Sep 13 EXPERT: OBAMA PLANS TO DEVASTATE BLACK WORKERS (He knows exactly what he's trying to do)

Sep 13 I'm a Racist??? by Niger Innis (Black Race-Baiting Hell) pic

Sep 13 Flashback: President George W. Bush Warned of What Would Happen If the (U.S. Withdrew From Iraq Too Early)

Sep 13 JIHADIST REVENGE MURDER OF AMERICAN TEEN: Domestic Terrorism Is Here (Black Muslims On Murder Spree) pic

Sep 13 Join the People's Climate March Sept 21 2014 (Midtown)

Sep 13 Re: re:Re: re: Obama the Angel (It's A Wonderful Obamanation) (Oliver (But Ollie...) pic map

Sep 13 Economic Equality pic

Sep 13 Morons and the Leftists They Produce: Communist Utopia (Allahver Spewreau) pic

Sep 13 Is There a Paradise On Earth? (Financial District) pic

Sep 13 Conservatism and the Morons It Produces (Oliver Thoreau) pic map

Sep 13 Take! Action to stop poverty, hunger and unemployment. (Upper East Side) pic

Sep 13 Middle Class! Endangered species on verge of extinction. pic


Sep 12 Negro Communist, Allahver Spewreau, Drops Another Hot Steaming Pants- (Load, 'I Hates Me Some America') pic

Sep 12 re:Re: re: Obama the Angel (It's A Wonderful Obamanation) (Oliver Thoreau)

Sep 12 RE: America cannot solve all the internal problems of other nations. (Until They Come For Your) pic

Sep 12 CEO's entitled to billions, workers entitled to living wage. (Financial District) pic

Sep 12 Living Wage - $15.00 An Hour For Everyone. (Financial District) pic

Sep 12 I am sick of politicians!

Sep 12 Why Is Obama Care Exempt for Congress Read and Learn map

Sep 12 America cannot solve all the internal problems of other nations. pic

Sep 11 Why Obama haters really suck.... pic

Sep 11 Trump Offers Obama Free Lifetime Golf If He Resigns Now (A True American) pic map

Sep 11 re: GEORGE W. BUSH WAS RESPONSABLE FOR 9-11 AND YOU IDIOTS WANT TO BLA (Obama's Slaughter of 100's of Thousands) pic map

Sep 11 Equality for all people in America pic


Sep 11 Re: Let Us Not Forget !!

Sep 11 Let Us Not Forget !! pic

Sep 11 Equality is the foundation of a fair and honest society. pic

Sep 11 If You Threaten America....You Will Find No Safe Haven! (Barack Obama) pic

Sep 11 Walk to Washington (CT)

Sep 11 Fire Roger Goodell (Lower East Side)

Sep 11 Looking for soldiers that were in the Iraq war Early 2000's. (West 11th Brooklyn) pic map

Sep 10 What Happens When Americans Elect A Communist Mulatto Islamo-Fascist (Sympathizer?)

Sep 10 Reach 100's of government officials in seconds pic map

Sep 10 President TelePrompTer Reader, Weak Sister Coward, Flails As He Proves (Lack Of Leadership)

Sep 10 Red, white and blue without fear. pic

Sep 10 Re: re: Obama the Angel (It's A Wonderful Obamanation) (Oliver Thoreau (But Ollie...) pic map

Sep 10 Obama the Angel (It's A Wonderful Obamanation) pic

Sep 10 Re: Oliver makes many good points but goes light on democrats (They do map

Sep 10 Re: Oliver makes many good points but goes light on democrats (They do it also)

Sep 10 Marijuana and Guns (East Hartford/Manchester) pic

Sep 9 Extinction is forever help now have no regrets (Our World) pic

Sep 8 sign petition and help stop cruelty (new jersey)

Sep 8 Unscrupulous Nasty Wretch !! (new haven) pic

Sep 4 Bad Ideas (Ridgewood) pic

Sep 3 Employment For Everyone Who Needs Work pic

Sep 1 Quinnipiac Community Meeting Tues. at 7 pm (New Haven)

Sep 1 Constitutional Rights Group (North Jersey)

Sep 1 Spay and Nueter for only $80! Team Mobile Van! (CT)

Aug 26 Some peace activists are against Hamas. (new haven)

Aug 25 Recommending my Excellent nanny for PT Morning/ Early Afternoon work (jc, hoboken and west orange area) map

Aug 24 Movie Screening @ Clifton Library 8/26 (clifton nj) map

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